training program for surgeons

Reference centers

X.TRAIN® offers a wide variety of specialized orthopaedic centers in France, Switzerland and Belgium. The quality and experience of operators provide communication and education of a large technical and scientific level.


The total hip replacement
  • The lower edge: channel mini-posterior path Hueter in lateral decubitus position without traction table, the process of Hueter supine with traction table, route anterolateral (type Rotting).

The knee arthroplasty
  • Unicompartmental surgery: PUC internal and external (indications and techniques), sailed the PUC, the PUC and osteotomy, ligament balance in the PUC.
  • The total knee arthroplasty: the lower edge [Para patellar, mid-vastus, Sub-vastus], ligament balance in TKA, the bone cuts in the PTG.


X.TRAIN® provides surgical teams technical advisor (surgery and / or instrumentalist poses during the first implant of the X.NOV range or complex cases: recovery, custom).

These advisors are state-certified nurses and insured for these technical services, specific to products sold by the X.NOV company.

Only training provided by X.TRAIN®, for the use of products sold by X.NOV shall be approved by the X.NOV company.

Content of stay
  • Presentations of the surgical technique, instrumentation and the latest results of the surgeon
  • Training of medical teams
  • Active presence in the operating room
  • Discussion with the host surgeon
  • Extension of training in anatomy lab

  • A half day or full day (arrival the day before surgery), over two days with continued training in anatomy labs.
  • Number of participants limited